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Read my thoughts on how we can make a difference in Maryland.

My New Years 2020 post concerned the book of Job and what we MUST do to be blessed in the New Year.

Yesterday, Baltimore surpassed the record for the number of murders in our city. Three hundred and forty seven people have lost their lives – sons, daughters, children, the elderly – no one has escaped this plague of violence.

The 11th chapter of Job which I posted earlier tells us we MUST put away the sin in our hand and in our tents. Our city will not get better unless the people choose to put down their hate for one another.

Instead of giving worthless press conferences, our leaders MUST inspire people to be better and use the resources of our government wisely and forcefully to restore order.

Baltimore, 2019 was your Job moment, it is up to all of us to choose to trust in God and be Blessed – our to continue to fight among ourselves and be CURSED.


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