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Read my thoughts on how we can make a difference in Maryland.

We can not be “Maryland Strong” without our houses of worship reopening. Regardless of your personal belief system, ALL houses of worship are incredibly important and will help us to regain a sense of community faster than opening up parks, recreational facilities or other businesses.

Here are a few common sense ideas on how we should open up our houses of worship in Maryland:

1) Having multiple services for parishioners

2) Having those services redesigned for smaller maximum number of parishioners (6’ foot between families)

3) Every parishioner wearing a mask inside the house of worship

4) If communion is part of the service, the house of worship must provide gloves and purchase individual communion servings

5) Continue to provide online worship alternatives for the elderly and possible medically compromised population

I would like to hear your ideas. What other common sense precautions would you add to this list so we can truly be “Maryland Strong” in our faiths and our actions?

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Thank you for your participation!


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