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Dear fellow Republican Central Committee Members::

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone had a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving with their loved ones!

Just a quick email to you.  Last year, a very important political event was happening in Baltimore.  The scandal and removal of Mayor Catherine Pugh.

Seeing an opportunity for CHANGE, I wrote op-eds, letters to the editor and garnered free media exposure to help shine the light on the unethical behavior of Mayor Catherine Pugh.  Her public removal as Mayor of Baltimore helped give our Baltimore City Republican Nominees a platform for systemic change while they ran for office this year.It is OUR responsibility as the Maryland Republican Party to offer a viable alternative to the ONE PARTY MONOPOLY in Baltimore and across Maryland.

The pieces I have linked below are from April 2019 and helped to communicate the narrative of a corrupt, political Democrat mayor who used the people of Baltimore to pad her nest egg.

While some people running for MDGOP office did not care to engage the media about this violation of the public trust in Baltimore City, I put myself in the middle of the fray.
We have a long way to go.  We don’t know what will happen to Nick Mosby and his ongoing ethical issues, but it was important to put media attention on his questionable record because we had an outstanding candidate for City Council President, Jovani Patterson.

If I am the next Chairman of the MDGOP, we will be making the case for good, effective and ethical government by electing Republicans to lead the way in Baltimore and across the state.