The United States Senate is the legislative branch given the authority to "advise and consent" the Executive Branch in its actions. One of the principal devices our Republic uses to check the use of power of the bureaucracy is the work of Inspector General's throughout agencies of our government.

In terms of national defense, the role of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense (DoD) acts as the principal advisor to the secretary of defense in matters of Department fraud, waste, and abuse.

As a citizen who has volunteered to serve our great nation twice, I know the great work of our Inspector General's to make sure our money is spent appropriately. I am honored to announcement the endorsement of former DoD Inspector General, the Honorable Joseph E. Schmitz.

"As a long-standing Maryland Republican and Naval Academy graduate, I wholeheartedly endorse Tony Campbell for U.S. Senate. I met Tony at the Maryland Republican Convention in 2016, while I serving as a foreign policy advisor to the Donald Trump for President Campaign. Tony immediately impressed me with his deep grasp of American "first things," including the principles underlying both our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution."

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Lastly, Schmitz said, "He is the real thing - a military veteran committed to supporting and defending our Constitution while representing all of our other interests in the U.S. Senate - a great patriotic leader for Maryland!"

Every candidate for federal office talks about wanting to lower taxes and reduce spending. Our campaign has taken that one step further in advocating for a balanced budget amendment. Help me go to Washington, DC to push for fiscal responsibility and ethical management of our money.

Thank you,

MDGOP Candidate