Keeping America Secure

Keeping America Secure

Our rights and freedoms are only as safe as our nation is secure.  One of the key functions of the United States Senate is to advise the executive branch on foreign affairs.  As a former Army Officer, I understand the dangers and opportunities which exist across the globe.  The United States is a leader on the world stage but we do not solely bear the responsibility for peace.  We must be wise in using our resources – diplomatically, financially and militarily.  Most importantly, the national security interest of the United States must come first. 

As a citizen who volunteered to enlist twice in our country’s Armed Forces, I fully support the men and women who have chosen to protect our freedoms.  Our Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines deserve the best equipment in order to do their jobs.  Our veterans should not have to solely rely on a broken VA Health System to get the care they need; as your next US Senator, I will sponsor legislation to allow every veteran to get free medical care at any hospital of their choice.

National Security, not only includes our Armed Forces, but includes federal law enforcement agencies including the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.  I believe Immigration policy has a direct impact on National Security.  As your next United States Senator, I will push for an end to chain migration and the immigration lottery.  While debate continues on whether undocumented individuals should be able to stay or be deported, I believe our most pressing issue is to put forward a common-sense immigration policy for people who want to come into our country. 

Our national government should take the responsibility of our infrastructure seriously.  As your next United States Senator, I will work to strengthen our infrastructure including our power grids, the cyber infrastructure which is the skeleton of internet commerce, and rebuilding our roads, bridges and tunnels.

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